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Printer Refill Test Page

Visit for Continuous Ink SystemsInkjet Refills, and Toner Refills. Print our test page to receive a coupon good for your next printer refill.

SoHoJet provides the best Continuous Ink Systems for a wide variety of popular printers.

By printing this graphic, you can see how your printer performs with the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) model. After printing, if you see solid blacks, solid colors, smooth gradients (from 0% to 100%), and crisp text - you are "good to go" for most applications.

If you see banding, missing colors, or other variations from what you see on your computer screen, there may be a problem with your printer. Check your printer manual troubleshooting guide for solutions.


  1. Click on the picture below to open the test graphic in a new window.
  2. Print the graphic using the highest resolution your printer allows.
  3. Compare the printout to what you see on your computer screen.

Note: This is a large (1.4 MB) file. Downloads may take some time if you have a slow internet connection. 

Actual colors will vary from your computer screen unless you have had your screen professionally calibrated.

Printer Test Page