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About Us

Our name - SoHoJet comes from the acronym SoHo which means Small Office - Home Office. SoHoJet is a leader in providing low cost solutions for the Small Office/Home Office environment. At, we strive to provide solutions that save businesses money. Did you know that when you buy OEM (name brand) inkjet cartridges, you are paying thousands of dollars per gallon for the ink? Some cartridges are as high as $6,000 per gallon! 

 SoHoJet was the first company to deliver a complete, lowest cost per page, printer solution for the Small Office. Our Continuous Ink Printers quickly became popular among real estate, medical, and legal professionals. With a SoHoJet Continuous Ink Printer, you no longer need to replace the cartridges. Simply pour in ink! You can print as much as you want - AT A VERY SMALL FRACTION of the cost. SoHoJet soon expanded further by offering "do it yourself" Continuous Ink Systems for many popular inkjet printers. These units replace the existing inkjet cartridges and allow the same lowest cost per page alternative. 

 As we expanded further, SoHoJet began offering alternatives to expensive toner as well. We now offer Toner Refill Kits and accessories that allow customers with Laser Printers, Copiers, and Fax Machines to reduce printing costs up to 80%. Also, we now offer lower cost replacement inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges. These cartridges provide ease of use and high quality for those that print in lower volume. For those businesses with exceptionally high printing volume, we now offer Bulk Ink and Bulk Toner in a variety of sizes. 

 At SoHoJet we strive to be your partner in reducing cost and waste. We have thousands of satisfied customers and work hard to make sure everyone is served well. is a Nexta Brands Inc. website.