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Continuous Ink System for Epson C68 / C88 With Archival UV Ink
Continuous Ink System for Epson Printers C68 / C88 With Ink

Continuous Ink System for Epson C68 / C88 With Archival UV Ink

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Never buy another printer cartridge! The SoHoJet CIS Continuous Ink System permanently replaces the current cartridges in your printer. When you are low on ink, you simply pour in more! Our high quality UV archival ink is specifically designed for your printer and gives you true, vibrant colors. With the SoHoJet CIS, you can print thousands of documents, photograph collections, presentations, or other graphic projects at little more than the cost of your paper.

This item consists of a large external ink reservoir that provides a continuous flow of ink to a set of permanent cartridges in your printer. This reservoir allows printing for an extended period of time without running out. The red line on the reservoir indicates time to refill. Each SoHoJet CIS System comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions, ink, and all accessories needed to successfully use the system.

The included CIS cartridges have a permanent smart chip already installed on applicable models. These chips automatically reset to let your printer think that the cartridges are full. No mess! No leaking!

With This System You Receive The Following Archival UV Ink:
167 ml - Black ink
92 ml - Cyan ink
92 ml - Magenta ink
127 ml - Yellow ink

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