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Continuous Ink Printers

No More Printer Cartridges!

Simply Pour In Ink!

SoHoJet Continuous Ink Printers Allow You To Refill Your Printer At A Fraction of the Cost Of OEM Cartridges. This Is Your Lowest Cost Per Page Solution! 

Each Of Our Systems Include a New Printer, Ink Reservoir, Permanent Cartridges, Chips and Plenty of UV INK! 

 Each System Is Primed And Ready To Go! 
  • Easiest Set-Up Available. 
  • Print up to 35 pages per minute 
  • Save time and money 
  •  Includes the printer, Reservoir, Permanent Cartridges, Auto-Reset Chips, and plenty of UV Archival Ink 
  • Ink Costs that are less than a fraction of OEM prices. 

SoHoJet Continuous Ink Printer Systems offer convenience and maximum savings. Each printer is coupled with a Continuous Ink System that supplies the printer a limitless amount of ink. You simply pour our Archival UV Ink into the reservoir when it gets low. 

Fast print speeds combined with high-resolution printing and scanning create the perfect solution for the Home Office/Small Office user to produce professional color documents and photographs. We even have a wide format printer available to print high quality brochures, flyers, and posters! 

The Perfect Solution For: Real Estate Agents/Offices Lawyers and Legal Offices Doctor's Offices Accountant's Home Based Businesses Graphic Artists And More! 

 All our systems are primed and ready to go and include up to $700 In Ink!