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Continuous Ink Systems

No More Expensive Ink Cartridges!
Continuous Ink Systems from SoHoJet
  • Continuous Ink Supply Systems replace the cartridges in your existing printer.
  • Each system comes with the equivalent of 6 to 8 cartridges of each color.
  • Inks are specifically matched for your printer and are made in the U.S.A.
  • Each system comes pre-filled and ready to use.Simple installation instructions are included.
  • All inks are archival. Dye based formulas contain UV inhibitors. Pigmented inks are supplied depending on the individual printer needs.
  • Auto-Reset Chips (ARC) are included on systems that require them.
  • True, vibrant color at a lower cost per page than laser printing.
Perfect For

  • Anyone who purchases at least one set of cartridges per year.
  • Printing color brochures or flyers.
  • Business presentations / proposals.
  • Photo Albums.

SoHoJet's, easy, do-it-yourself CIS systems are available for the most popular Brother, Canon, Epson  and HP printers.