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Inkjet Refill Kits

Refill any brand of Inkjet Cartridge Yourself. Some cartridges cost less than $0.50 to refill, almost all cost less than $2.00 per cartridge!

This is the most popular method used world-wide to refill inkjet cartridges. Each kit comes with plenty of ink for multiple inkjet refills plus the necessary tools and instructions. 

The Universal Colorfast System for inkjet refills give you vibrant, accurate results every time. All prints are archival and solid due to the ColorFast UV inhibiting technology!

The Uni-Kit Inkjet Refill kits give you unparalleled quality with Durafirm Technology for archival quality and the latest available inkjet refill instructions!

These are the SAME kits sold by the millions on National TV and by major retailers like Walmart, Target and hundreds more. 

With these kits, you can refill all brands of inkjet cartridges, including:

HP (Hewlett Packard)
And More!